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Tea Cup Forum Etiquette

As a member of the Intentional Mama Circle, you are invited to give and receive support in these carefully created forums.  These are the Forum Etiquette expectations of conduct:

  • Avoid typing in all caps or all bold, as this is the equivalent to yelling on an internet forum.
  • Avoid posting extremely long forum posts on a regular basis.
  • Read all of the posts in the thread before posting on the internet forum. This will help forum participants avoid repeating points that have already been discussed in depth.
  • Do not “hijack” forum threads. Stay on topic and avoid directing the thread away from the current line of conversation, particularly if the original poster is seeking an answer to a question. If you’d like to discuss a different issue or problem, it’s best to start a new thread on the forum.
  • Avoid derogatory remarks about fellow forum participants; if a forum participant has a problem that they’d like to address with another individual, it’s best to discuss the issue off-forum rather than in a more public forum setting.
  • Use emoticons and other symbols to indicate tone. When posting on an internet forum, there is an absence of indicators that help one to decipher tone and the forum poster’s intention. In the absence of valuable voice tone, body language, facial expressions and other social cues, emoticons and symbols (smiley face, or “*smile*”) can help make tone and intention clear to other forum participants.
  • When the going gets rough, for example, if you disagree with another member’s point, turn to inquiry, to interest, to wonder.
  • Have the courage to reframe words thoughtlessly written – you can always clarify – it’s never too late.