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10 Days To a Calmer Family: Day 1

Do you have those days too? Those days when you know your little one just isn’t him or herself? I feel it coming on – it’s in the air of our home when our little ones need more rest, more down time, more slowness.   Like a physical fever, they need...

Develop Your Child’s Strong Will, Really!

The Will is the first developmental stage for our young children ages 0-9. This explains why it is so difficult for mamas to reign in these little ones, to guide these “will forces.” It is most important during these early years for your little one to be...

Part 1: Getting Wee Ones to Sleep

There are 4 critical areas that need a parent’s attention and appropriate response when it comes to bringing out the best in our children:  rhythm, sleep, nutrition, and media exposure. For many of us in the noble mother community we adhere to the principles of...

Day 9: 12 Days to Stop Yelling

Something that has significantly reduced my stress, which has reduced my mommy tantrums has been implementing the idea of Kim John Payne’s simplicity.  It’s round 2 this week as I again go through the kids’ toys and clothes and get rid of things that...