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Part 2: Getting Wee Ones to Sleep

Ever noticed a lot of upset  in the late afternoon before dinner and bedtime? You may have had a wonderful day with the children, a few snafoos, but for the most part, a pleasant day.  Late afternoon, just before dinner and what occurs?  Crying over little things...

Navigating Nap Time

My youngest is turning 4 this month. He still needs a nap. I keep waiting for the days to arrive when he survives the afternoon without falling asleep or without falling apart (if he doesn’t squeeze in a nap). Nope, not yet. Like clockwork, he gets sleepy and...

Is My 2 Year Old a Conformist?

Saba’s Question: Is my daughter a conformist?  She is two years and four months.  I signed her up for music class.  I watched her personality take a 180 degree turn.  She shies away from everyone.  She who responds to a complete stranger at Starbucks when they...

Toddler Nap Challenges

Question From Shara: I have always felt strongly about the importance of daytime napping.  Fortunately my son (now 25 months) has generally seemed to agree with me on this subject.  He has always been a good napper – going down willingly and easily and sleeping...