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Mama, You Deserve A Free Gift!

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I am offering you the opportunity to receive a copy of Renee Trudeau’s beautiful book, The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal. This book is not only full of incredible wisdom and guidance for moms as they experience...

What Mama Needs Vs What Mama Wants

I wrote this post a couple of years ago and it resonates with me still… On an extended morning walk this week with an intentional mama, I got the chance to think more closely about the idea of wants and needs. As you know, we must constantly strive to balance...

Day 4: Our Inner Work

It is natural to feel pulled toward the work that you feel passionate about – your career. It is rare to find a woman who is truly fulfilled by the tasks of homemaking.  It is difficult to find the extraordinary from the ordinary.  One has be almost Buddha-like...

Day 12: 12 Days to Stop Yelling

You did it! You have reached the last coaching post toward your goal to yell less.  Congratulations! I want to end our 12 day series with an invitation. It isn’t often that we allow ourselves to reflect on our parenting without it being to reprimand ourselves or...