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Day 9: Are We Connecting or Consuming?

To parent today in these modern times requires a shield of armor. A shield of armor that is made up of our convictions, our opinions, and what we value.  We are bombarded by the multi-billion dollar marketing campaigns that are committed to swaying us into buying more...

Finding That Predictable Daily Routine

One of the most popular questions from moms is about how I structure my days with my children. When I was the mama of my first child I remember a love-hate relationship with my days and with motherhood.  I adored sleeping in with my baby; those cozy mornings snoozing...

Love Letters

These are notes sent to me in response to my latest newsletter article, Confessions of a TV-Using Mom, from the Noble Mother community of mamas. Thanks, mamas!! *** Congratulations raelee!  Being a TV-free family is great!  We made the same descision when our first...