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No More Entitlement Monsters

No More Entitlement Monsters

I don’t think I am alone when I say that we are a family with too much stuff.  No, it isn’t to hoarder status and most people visiting would say my house is “always tidy” but I know where my stuff resides: drawers, closets, shelves,...

Day 9: Are We Connecting or Consuming?

To parent today in these modern times requires a shield of armor. A shield of armor that is made up of our convictions, our opinions, and what we value.  We are bombarded by the multi-billion dollar marketing campaigns that are committed to swaying us into buying more...

The Secret Place of Childhood

Do you remember having a secret place when you were a kid? I remember my neighbor and I created our own world under her guest bed and another little dwelling in her bedroom closet.  Secret places for childhood whisperings and pretend play.  Our secret spots were...

Great Resource!

Hey Mamas, Last spring I found a great website and resource through Twitter. If you haven’t visited Productive Parenting you definitely should! “Productive Parenting provides one new activity suggestion each day based on your child’s birth date! If...