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Day 4: Our Inner Work

It is natural to feel pulled toward the work that you feel passionate about – your career. It is rare to find a woman who is truly fulfilled by the tasks of homemaking.  It is difficult to find the extraordinary from the ordinary.  One has be almost Buddha-like...

What To Do When Your Kid Behaves Badly

It’s been awhile since I’ve had to figure out how to respond to a real physical conflict between my daughter and a friend.  Last weekend, I got my opportunity! We have the most amazing and dear neighbors who moved in this past Fall.  It was such a blessing...

Part 1: Getting Wee Ones to Sleep

There are 4 critical areas that need a parent’s attention and appropriate response when it comes to bringing out the best in our children:  rhythm, sleep, nutrition, and media exposure. For many of us in the noble mother community we adhere to the principles of...

Tears, Misbehavior, & The Importance of Rhythm

Hi Raelee, I just wanted to let you know of a really rewarding experience I had with B this morning. After a super hectic holiday and quite an extended period of disrupted routine, I was noticing a lot of “behaviors”. He was more easily frustrated, more...

Day 11: 12 Days to Stop Yelling

We are almost to the end of our series and it is my hope that it has given you some great food for thought and reflection! My goal in presenting these posts to you has been to inspire you to become more mindful when communicating with your little ones. It would defeat...