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What It Is – Noble Mother’s Monthly Renewal Group Coaching Call.

“Who we are is more critical to our child than what we do, and the very best gift we can give our young child is a happy, well-rested, contented parent…This is not a luxury; it is a “job requirement.”
~Sharifa Oppenheimer, Heaven On Earth

Join the author, Renee Trudeau and women from around the world to take some time to explore the meaningful side to motherhood. Examine your own shift from womanhood to motherhood and how the two can converge as one in order to feel whole and fulfilled. Calls will be based on Renee Trudeau’s The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal.

Archived Renewal Calls

Click Here to Listen to Chapter 1:
Motherhood & Identity – Reconnecting With Who You Are

Click Here to Listen to Chapter 2:
The Transformative Power of Self-Care

Click Here to Listen to Chapter 3:
Creating Your Personal Support System

Click Here to Listen to Chapter 4:
Good is Good Enough: Releasing Perfectionism