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Your Own Tribe

In 2011, you are invited to create your own Simplicity Parenting Tribe of parents who are interested in working together for 6 months to create real change in their families by engaging in an intentional simplicity journey.

Who is Invited?

You become the Simplicity Tribe host.  Your duties as host are to gather your friends, acquaintances, and even strangers who want to join you on this journey and invite them to a free introductory session in your home or other space you have arranged with Parent Group Leader, Raelee Peirce.

What Will Be Presented?

Raelee will present an overview of Simplicity Parenting to your group and share with them what the next 6 months will entail as they embark on a new adventure to simplify.  Hosts are welcome to set the monthly program up for a consecutive run or if they need to spread the workshops out to avoid holiday times or vacation months, that flexibility is always an option.

How Long is the Program & What is the Cost Involved?

Each monthly workshop is 2 hours and can be scheduled for a mom’s morning out on a weekday or weekend morning or scheduled for an intimate evening fireside (no fire necessary!).  Each month, the host is charged $165.00 for the workshop, a fee that can be shared amongst your registered participants.  Workshops are provided for a minimum of 4 participants and a maximum of 15.  Each participant pays a 1-time $17 Parent Handbook fee.  Hosts can decide if they want to create a closed group or an open enrollment group.  A closed group means that you will be registering participants for all 6 months with no new enrollments.  An open enrollment allows for participants to come and go.

How Does it All Come Together?

Hosts are provided with flyers and other marketing materials to generate interest in their group.  We connect through an on-line classroom so that I can personally coach each family in the tribe and tribe members have their own private forum for sharing and discussing their challenges and successes.

How To Get Started?

Contact Raelee to let her know your intentions to start a group and you can arrange the best date and time for your free introductory workshop!