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Raelee companions mothers and couples through their parenting struggles. Discovering the healing powers of connection with their children, ages toddler to high school, parents find their confidence and strength to get through the ebb and flow of family life. Raelee offers support in helping families create rituals, rhythm, downtime – essentially, their unique family culture – which brings more ease to the parenting relationships. Parents will learn the unique role that they play through the ages and stages of their child’s development.  Children thrive when the boundaries and expectations meet the child developmentally.  Raelee is a trained and Certified Simplicity Parenting and Discipline Guidance Coach.  She brings the spiritual principles of the Baha’i Faith, the developmental approach of Waldorf education, the vision of author and therapist Kim John Payne, and the attachment theory of development psychologist Dr. Gordon Neufeld into her companioning work with families.

Raelee is currently available to work via zoom with families in any location.  She works with families around simplicity and developmental discipline and provides support around parenting challenges or goals – how to create more connection with your child, establishing your parenting philosophy as a couple, creating spiritual habits with your children, cultivating a sense of identity for your tween or teen, how to stop yelling, how to gain more healthy compliance from young children, how to end defiant behavior etc. Specifically issues of sleep, potty training, or divorce are not within her expertise. Use Raelee’s contact page to discuss the possibilities for companioning work for your specific needs.

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NEINA, mom of 5 year old, says…
Simplicity Parenting provides an approach to parenting challenges and concerns with compassion and insights that give real support on this journey.  I gained a lot more insight into my parenting style, a new vocabulary that helps me understand more deeply the challenges my child faces (e.g. soul fever) and finally, a sense that creating a calm and centered home life is achievable.

RYAN & KATIE, parents of 3 & 4 year old’s say…
The Simplicity Parenting information is invaluable and provides a necessary solace in a storm of uncertainty and doubt in a world of too many choices. I learned so much invaluable information and methods for parenting that I know are going to change the climate of our family into a happier and calmer existence. I have a lot to improve but now I have great tools to help me move forward.

DENEESE, mom of 3 year old, says…
Hi Raelee – It’s really helpful to know you’re only a phone call or a few clicks of a mouse away. I like what you said about only verbalizing 1-3 requests and simply DOING the other things with her. I think my expectations have become more reasonable over the months, but occasionally, I still find myself asking her to do things that are beyond her capacity as a child. I am happy to report that she and I have had lots of opportunities to connect lately. We have spend loads of time snuggling and talking, and it makes us both feel better when we take time to do that. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

ADRIENNE, mom of 7 year old, says…
Raelee – I am very grateful to have found you as a resource – I think you are providing meaningful opportunities and services. Thank you for your honest open helpfulness. It really helped to dialog about this and I think you are such an authentic fantastic non-judgmental resource. Dialoging with you helped me to get clear that I really didn’t feel good about leaving my baby alone…I started holding her gently while she was laying in her crib and her crying had a different quality – much less stressed, just tired.