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Day 12: 12 Days to Stop Yelling

You did it! You have reached the last coaching post toward your goal to yell less.  Congratulations! I want to end our 12 day series with an invitation. It isn’t often that we allow ourselves to reflect on our parenting without it being to reprimand ourselves or...

Day 11: 12 Days to Stop Yelling

We are almost to the end of our series and it is my hope that it has given you some great food for thought and reflection! My goal in presenting these posts to you has been to inspire you to become more mindful when communicating with your little ones. It would defeat...

Day 10: 12 Days to Stop Yelling

We’ve explored the common reasons we may start yelling when it comes to our children – they may not be listening or they’ve made a poor choice – we’ve even explored the idea that we don’t always take care of ourselves enough. ...

Day 9: 12 Days to Stop Yelling

Something that has significantly reduced my stress, which has reduced my mommy tantrums has been implementing the idea of Kim John Payne’s simplicity.  It’s round 2 this week as I again go through the kids’ toys and clothes and get rid of things that...

Day 8: 12 Days to Stop Yelling

Today’s post is connected to our 12-Day Challenge to Stop Yelling. Obviously, it’s no secret that many parents resort to yelling because they believe their child is behaving inappropriately. If your child is behaving inappropriately, your child is...

Day 7: 12 Days to Stop Yelling

I don’t think you can ignore the idea of exploring what you believe about expressing anger when you’re trying to stop the habit of yelling as a discipline strategy.  Obviously, parents yell out of frustration and anger.  You would probably agree with me...