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Day 4: Our Inner Work

It is natural to feel pulled toward the work that you feel passionate about – your career. It is rare to find a woman who is truly fulfilled by the tasks of homemaking.  It is difficult to find the extraordinary from the ordinary.  One has be almost Buddha-like...

Day 2: 10 Days to a Calmer Family

In my last post, Day 1: 10 Days to a Calmer Family, we talked about “soul fever.”  Kim John Payne, author of Simplicity Parenting, provides for us a road map to identify when our children are experiencing overwhelm from too much – too many choices,...

10 Days To a Calmer Family: Day 1

Do you have those days too? Those days when you know your little one just isn’t him or herself? I feel it coming on – it’s in the air of our home when our little ones need more rest, more down time, more slowness.   Like a physical fever, they need...