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Day 10: Simplifying Discipline

We’ve reached our last post in this series of how to create a calmer family life. We can’t end without thinking about how we can discipline our children with more ease. It’s been extremely helpful for me to re-think discipline in our home after...

Day 9: Are We Connecting or Consuming?

To parent today in these modern times requires a shield of armor. A shield of armor that is made up of our convictions, our opinions, and what we value.  We are bombarded by the multi-billion dollar marketing campaigns that are committed to swaying us into buying more...

Day 8: Create a Calm Environment

When I think about creating a more calm family life in my home, it makes sense to think about the environment.  Here are 5 great tips to help you simplify your home space that you read more about here as well. 1. Make It Cozy – It’s especially important...

Day 6: Create More Silence

Interestingly enough, silence really is golden. I think the trend and best practice advice has always been to talk your way through the day with your baby, toddler, or preschooler.  The thinking behind the advice to interact verbally with our children has always been...