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I have reset my gut with cleanses before and I reset my life through a spiritual fasting period every year. I want to offer parents the opportunity to reset their parenting. We’ve been through a lot this year and it’s not getting any easier, despite our trying to find our way out of the pandemic.  Parents are still home with their kids most of the time with limited experiences in the world. Cabin fever set in months ago.

Yelling, as we know, is this generation of parent’s version of spanking. Some parents are still spanking, but yelling is our go-to.  We thought screen time and the influence of media was intense before the pandemic. Now we are just drowning in information overload and our kids have to be on screens for school.

The Simplicity Parenting approach provides a path forward. It is calming, or as Kim says, “arnica for the soul.” If you don’t know what arnica is – it’s a soothing balm for bruises. Don’t we all need some arnica for our souls right now?

I know that it sounds super weird to be offering you a retreat, virtually. I promise I will bring in the connecting time we crave to talk with other parents, but most of all I think we need some space and time to pause and think about our parenting and a new plan. The idea is to give you some time to actually think. To reset. We don’t need to change everything. That’s not sustainable or realistic. The goal of the retreat is to give you an overview of a philosophy that provides a map for your way forward.  The changes that you make can be small tweaks that can make all the difference.

I hope you will join me!  There’s a limited number of seats offered so that we have enough parents to have rich conversation but small enough that we can really find community together on a Saturday afternoon. Nope, it’s not recorded. You have to physically attend the virtual event to get what you want out of this.

Learn more about the retreats here!