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Simplicity Parenting Logo in ColorStart 2018 on a fresh new parenting page. Join me in-person or virtually for the first session, “Why Simplify?” No need to attend every session. See a topic you need? Jump on in!

Click Here to learn the details of these in-person or virtual sessions.

Personal consults are always an option if you prefer to discuss your parenting issues privately. Click the link for how to schedule your sessions.

Whether in-person or virtual or in a group setting or privately, these sessions will provide you with information that will give you a parenting compass pointing to a new North.

Learn the importance of being in “right relationship” and cultivating your unique family culture using the art of simplifying to navigate your way. What is rhythm and why is it different from routine? How can digital devices be managed without being anti-tech? What if I told you there is no such thing as a misbehaving child and help you gain more cooperation and joy in parenting your kids?

I recommend that you purchase and read Simplicity Parenting and The Soul of Discipline, both by Kim John Payne to get more out of the sessions. If you can’t find the time to read, you will still gain knowledge and insight from the session, so don’t let that stop you from participating.

Sessions range from $10-$25 depending on your preferences and eligibility. Click Here to learn more about dates, registration, and payment for in-person and virtual sessions.

Let’s begin your journey to simplify!