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Hello!  It is such an honor to have mamas read my blog posts here at Noble Mother.  Rather than strive to maintain a weekly blog, my posts are now available as articles so that you can always access information about parenting as a spiritual practice.  I will add to this list as time allows. I’m focusing on…

  • my family – creating those rituals and rhythms and times for connection I encourage other mamas to create
  • Simplicity Parenting parent groups in my local area
  • working as the Outreach Coordinator for simplicityparenting.com (I hope you’ll visit me there!)
  • personally coaching mamas who are seeking more support nurturing their little ones

Thanks again for connecting with me here at noblemother.com.  For a list of topics and categories of my past article posts just look on the right sidebar on this page.   If you’ve signed up for my mama list on my home page, you’ll receive encouraging notes, resources, and other goodies as time permits and inspiration motivates me.