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So, here I am in New Hampshire having a wonderful experience at the Simplicity Parenting Coach Training when I peek at my email messages and find a message from a Harpo Casting Director asking me if I can help her find couples from my on-line community who may want to be counseled by Dr. Laura Berman, a therapist frequently featured on Oprah.

Talk about surprised! So, mamas – if you happen to be from the Chicago or New York area and would like to reconnect with your husband, you may be interested in the following opportunity…


Are you struggling with your sex life or relationship?

Dr. Laura Berman, a world-renowned Sex & Relationship Expert, has a brand new show on OWN…and she’s here to help you!

Have you lost the spark in your relationship?

Is intimacy – or lack thereof – a source of conflict between you and your partner?

Are you desperate to reconnect but don’t know where to turn, or don’t have the resources to get the information you need?

Dr. Laura Berman can help!!!

You’ve seen her segments on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and “The Dr. Oz Show” and heard her great advice on “Oprah Radio” but now Dr. Berman has a brand new TV show, In The Bedroom With Dr. Laura Berman, fully dedicated to helping couples achieve greater intimacy and connection, not to mention better sex!

Dr. Berman understands the juggling act you go through every day and the significance of keeping your sex life a top priority. If you’re struggling with your intimacy, want a better relationship and long for a more fulfilling sex life, Dr. Berman is here to shed some light. Let Dr. Berman show you how to get exactly what you want and need in the bedroom and beyond!

If you live in the Chicago or New York City areas and you want Dr. Berman’s advice, contact us today! Please be sure to include a description of your family and the issues you’re dealing with, along with a recent photo. Couples need not be married but must be committed to making a change and be willing to appear and discuss their private lives on Television, if selected.

We look forward to hearing from YOU!