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It’s Saturday already. How did that happen?

It happened between the school days, a first visit of the season to the outdoor pool, additions to the gem collection found in the gravel driveway, high jumps on the trampoline, blown kisses good-night, and the desire to own a baby bearded dragon.

Summer is sneaking up on us, mamas.  Soon we will have our homes buzzing with activity all day long with our little ones.  I’m thinking creatively about my daily plan.  There’s been a shift, a very pleasant and grateful shift for us.  With a 7.5 and 4 year old, I’m planning to work in the morning hours as their best time of creative play and independence occurs first thing when the dawn breaks.

We’ll have our lunch and chores and then it will be off to the pool for the afternoon on those long hot North Carolina days and we’ll save visits to the Museum of Life and Science and the Free Bowling coupons for those few and far between rainy afternoons.

My goal is a slow summer.

My mind is still grasping this transition as I blog over at Kim Payne’s site, author of Simplicity Parenting and strive to adjust to maintaining my blog here too.  All of my simplicity posts will be written over there and it would be so generous of you to pass the word and help Kim out by making comments on the Power of Less blog.  Lots of meaty topics to discuss. I’m looking for volunteer slow parenting guest bloggers.  If you’d like a post to appear on the blog at Simplicity Parenting, please contact me.

What is coming up for you as you think about the approaching summer season?  Are you worried about  these months of free time, are you looking forward to the season?