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There have been some very exciting developments for me as a parent coach, blogger, and entrepreneur in the past few weeks.

As many of you know, I have been super excited about Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne since it’s release in August 2009.  So excited, in fact, that I figured out a way to get  myself to Bellevue, WA this past February so that I could attend the first group leader and coach training they offered.  I couldn’t wait to start supporting my on-line and local parent communities with such incredible parenting guidance.

I have been so blessed to have been asked by Kim John Payne to collaborate with his team at the Center For Social Sustainability and help to further nurture and develop the Simplicity Parenting Movement as Outreach Coordinator and in-house Simplicity Parenting Coach.

Just in case some of you were wondering why things have been a bit quiet over here at noblemother.com – well, I’ve been busy developing ways that more parents can find out how to slow down and connect with their kids by implementing small, do-able changes in their daily lives over there at simplicityparenting.com.

So, I have to be honest, I’m not quite sure yet what this means for noblemother.com.  I will be blogging all about what I’ve learned from Kim over there at simplicityparenting.com, moderating the new discussion forum that will be part of Kim’s Circle.  Remember the Mama Circle?  Kim loves the idea and we’re going to create it over there at his site, it will be referred to as The Circle.  We’re in the process of developing the resources and goodies that will be available for Circle participants. I hope you’ll be one of them when it’s ready!

As a result of spending all of my free time (while my kids are in school and my evenings) on Kim’s site, I just feel sad to abandon my vision over here at noblemother.  There’s so much I have to say about motherhood and if I’m brave enough to voice it once I get things working like clockwork at simplicityparenting.com, then I just may do that!  So, don’t give up on this blog.  It may be quieter for a bit, but it will have something to say.

I fully expect to see all of you signed up for the Simplicity News – I’m in charge of Kim’s monthly e-zine.  There’s a wealth of information about how to simplify things for your family over there and it’s amazing and beautiful and everything that a mama needs to find more joy and connection with her sweet little ones – so do join us in that corner of the web!  Explore his site – I’ve been working hard on it =)

In Simplicity,