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Have you ever wanted to just speak your mind to the masses? To be able to have your very own soap box?  Well, let me tell you, it’s incredibly liberating.

My friend Wendy Mann, an Aware Parenting Certified Instructor and I have teamed up and started our own on-line show.  Just to warn you, we’re radical and opinionated. We truly believe that mothers hold the key to changing the world.

Wendy is the divorced mama of an 11 year old – an amazing 11 year old.  She has an amicable relationship with her Ex and they co-parent their daughter with love and respect.  Wendy has been using Aware Parenting techniques since her daughter was 6 weeks old.  She’s humble and confident, gentle and assertive – she radiates feminine strength.  Piercing light eyes that smile, she shares a solid clarity about who she is as a mother.  I feel so blessed to know her and to share air-time with her each week on our show, Mama Speak.

We agree that our babies are beings that deserve a mother’s nurturing care – that it is our influence that inherently will decide our children’s happiness.  We put motherhood on top and let everything else fall into its rightful place beneath it.  We’re honest about it being exhausting, draining, and even mundane while at the same time it has the potential to change us into a better version of ourselves, when we allow it.

Join us each week at 10am on Blog Talk Radio’s Mama Speak. We will be interviewing other amazing mamas in-between our truth conversations about womanhood and motherhood in these modern times.