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Do you remember having a secret place when you were a kid? I remember my neighbor and I created our own world under her guest bed and another little dwelling in her bedroom closet.  Secret places for childhood whisperings and pretend play.  Our secret spots were magical.

There’s a little nook under our stairs in our home that we had made into a storage area. This afternoon I helped my children clear it out and let them have fun decorating their secret space just the way they want.  They have a lamp on a shelf with books they’ve picked out, their favorite stuffed animals, crayons and paper, and comfy pillows.  It will be a sweet little place for them to go with friends and snacks!

“Children need their privacy just as we adults do.
In the secret place of childhood, the soul drinks
deeply, is refreshed, and flourishes.”

~Mitten Strings For God: Reflections For Mothers in a Hurry~

What are the secret places your children have discovered? And if they haven’t, perhaps you can help them discover one!