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Seeking harmony, peace, and more calm seems to be the Holy Grail of motherhood.  As you well know, I’ve discovered that keeping my children on a daily rhythm helps to keep things running more smoothly.  However, it isn’t as foolproof as I would like.  Yes, I hate to break it to you, but I struggle with mommy anger and frustration and I have to work so hard each and every day to maintain self-control when my cherubs push my buttons.

I have put my self to the test lately and I’ve been thinking more about what is essentially my problem! *Yes, I’m laughing at myself.*  Intellectually I couldn’t know any better that losing my cool is incredibly ineffective and just bad parenting.  Emotionally I just know that I am playing on the edge.  All the mommy time in the world isn’t actually the answer for me.  I love self-care and it is necessary, but a night out with my hubby, a night out with the mommies, or a morning to myself, actually isn’t the key for me in resolving my current challenge.

It is evident that I have all the symptoms of soul fever. Feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, crankiness, and heart palpitations! are definite evidence that I’m burning the candle at both ends.  Can you relate?

It’s easy for me to recognize soul fever in my children, but I’m just cluing in that it is something I can suffer from too.  As a mom who is passionate about helping my fellow womankind to stop the madness and to cherish their babies, toddlers, preschoolers enough to put the career to the side and to nurture those little beings as the way mamas do, I feel driven to blog and coach and facilitate this work.  At the same time, my true reason for choosing to be home is to create a nurturing, spirit-lifting home for all of us.  I’m determined to live my best life.  For me, that means living accountable to the beings my husband and I decided to bring into this world.  I am teaching them every day how to live – how to respond when things go wrong (like your car won’t start or the budget is too tight).  I am the model.

It’s time to put that great intention into self-disciplined rhythms that help me achieve my goals. I’m really excited to figure out that creating rhythm and routine and predictability for myself will bring out my best. Whew. It took me awhile to get to that point, eh?

So, my intention this next month is to create some do-able rhythms so that I can be more organized, efficient, and sane as a mama who wants my spiritual qualities of flexibility, gentleness, and self-discipline to shine with my family.  Ah, dear mamas, it  just keeps coming back around to simplifying – simplifying my own environment (my office is so not peaceful), creating healthy meals for myself (I am such a wannabe Vegan!), establishing a slow schedule, and filtering out media and other information that brings me stress (news about missing kids!).

What’s one do-able thing you could change in your environment, meal/bed time routine, schedule, or information resources that will help you model your best today?