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As a mommy blogger I read a lot of blogs that offer free gifts and prizes for promoting websites and programs. There have been a very select few that I have entered because I get easily overwhelmed and I strive to make sure that everything I write and everything that I do is with a greater purpose.

Lately, I’ve been discovering blogs that are so inspirational and beautiful. I’ve been sharing some of them with you via my bi-monthly e-zine. It’s been such a joy to find kindred spirits out in the blogosphere who are helping moms simplify and get back to basics.

I couldn’t resist entering this giveaway contest at simplemom.com – the giveaways are breathtaking, sweet, and, of course, simple. My favorite giveaway is the One Pearl necklace. The story behind this jewelry is so unique and heartwarming.

So, I hope you will visit simplemom.com today and submit your chance(s) to win, mama. Good Luck!