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There are so many mom bloggers out there and I just want to help you connect to the best I’ve found on the web.  These are blogs I read often and they are blogs that truly help me in my own life as woman, wife, and mother.

1.  http://theparentingpassageway.com/ – Carrie is the author of this blog, a mom of 2 daughters and a son.  Her posts are amazing to me.  They are chock full of real-life triumphs and challenges.  She’s extremely insightful and knowledgeable.  She is influenced by Waldorf philosophy in her approach to mothering and I always learn fascinating bits of information from her.

2.  http://www.peertrainer.com/ – Jackie is the co-founder of this blog and she authors most of the posts.  She’s a mom who is in excellent health and provides me with daily inspiration and knowledge about staying fit and eating well.  I love her approach.  Today’s blog post, she did a video about the top 5 things she keeps in her fridge.  I love that!

3.  http://www.momversation.com/ – I do like blogs that are uplifting and motivating and do not let motherhood look like some sort of freak side-show or a comedy of errors.  However, I am highly entertained and sometimes even enlightened by the moms who create these video posts on different topics that affect all of us.  It’s really fun to hear the different perspectives – it gets my own wheels spinning on what I would say if I were interviewed on the topic.

4.  http://www.soulemama.com/ – I don’t frequent it as much as the first two, but when I want to see some beautiful photos that capture the life of motherhood, I know where to go.  Amanda Soule is just a sweet, creative, humble mama.  And I just love her use of photography, nature, and the everyday.  She makes mothering look good.

5.  http://dagmarbleasdale.com/ – I am a subscriber of Dagmar Bleasdale’s blog.  She’s a mom who is passionate about breastfeeding and has an adorable toddler named Landon.  She’s originally from Germany and I started reading her posts when she was blogging about her trip to visit her family in Germany.  I love learning new things and especially have a little window into the lives of other people from other places.  Dagmar has a lovely blogging style and it’s always fun to see her new pictures.

So, there you have it.  The top 5 blogs that I read and enjoy.  What are you favorite blogs?