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From tots to teens, the Simplicity Parenting approach can clarify your parenting philosophy. Leave the overwhelm of too much stuff, too much to do, and too much screen time and learn a new way to create a calmer home environment, bring more joyful connection with your kids through the ordinary daily routines, and gain clarity around your use of media and screens for your kids based on their age.


FREE Small Change Call

Raelee is currently available via zoom for a FREE 40-minute Small Change Call. Sometimes you just need to share a parenting issue that you’re experiencing with someone who shares your approach or whom you know can provide sound guidance based on a simplicity, developmental approach to allow you to “pivot” and try something new or ground you in your approach.


Simplicity Parenting

Learn better ways to discipline and how to use the extraordinary ‘Power of Less’ in order to meet your child’s needs and learn sustainable ways to simplify and slow down your home environment. Imagine yourself, centered and confident as a parent. Imagine your children, at any age, happier, less demanding, more cooperative. Opportunities for parents to learn more about this effective approach can be found on the Events page.


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